Acana vs. Taste of the wild – What You Should Know Regarding These Pet Food Brands

The quality of food that you give your pets can have a significant impact on their health. If you have pets, you should take your time before choosing food for cats or dogs.

Some of the reputable companies known for producing quality pet food include Acana and Taste of the wild. Focusing on these brands can help you buy food that your pets will love. Both companies offer nutritious pet food that contains unique flavors. We will help you compare them so that you can determine which company can offer the right food for your pet.

What are the differences between Acana and Taste of the wild?

Taste of the wild
Pet food type
Dry and wet
Nutritional value (dog food)
  • Proteins-35%
  • Fat-18.8%
  • Fiber-6.5%
  • Proteins-31%
  • Fat-18%
  • Fiber-5%
Popular flavors
Turkey, pumpkin, chicken, duck, butternut squash, and pork
Lamb, salmon, garbanzo beans
Product recalls
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Acana vs. Taste of the wild-How do they compare

  • Product recalls

In May 2021, Taste of the wild had a major recall regarding salmonella contamination. No cases of salmonella poisoning were, however, confirmed. While Taste of the wild has had one product recall, Acana has never been recalled even once. This is impressive, considering how long Acana has been producing pet food. Due to a difference in such cases, Acana is considered safer than Taste of the Wild.

  • Pet food type

The two brands also differ when it comes to the types of pet food they offer. Taste of the wild offers both wet and dry pet food. It has at least 18 unique recipes for both dry and wet foods. Acana, on the other hand, does not offer wet food for cats or dogs. This company only produces dry food for such pets. The brand has up to 49 recipes of dry food. The Taste of the wild is, therefore, more versatile compared to Acana.

  • Nutritional value

Before choosing either of these brands, you need to consider the nutritional value of the pet foods they produce. The composition of nutrients found in pet food is often presented in percentages. Acana offers higher amounts of proteins, fats, and fiber in its dog food than what Taste of the Wild offers.

Acana vs. Taste of the wild-A comparison overview


Whether you prefer keeping dogs or cats, you can get the right foods for such pets from Acana. This company has been offering nutritious pet food for such animals for a long time. It has at least three product lines that you can pick from. These include Acana Heritage, Acana Regions, and Acana singles.

Though other pet food producers have come up, Acana has managed to remain competitive in this industry. It has been receiving numerous awards for producing superior pet food over the years. Apart from this, Acana is popular since it offers food that pets in different life stages can consume. Whether you have puppies or seniors in your home, you can always find the right pet food for them from Acana.

The company not only produces pet food for various breed sizes but also has select diet options. Acana also includes both grain-free and grain-inclusive options. When producing pet food, this company does not like cutting corners. It uses locally sourced components in its pet food. The pet food you get from this company includes valuable components such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats.


  • It has balanced recipes.
  • The company utilizes organic ingredients in its pet food
  • No product recalls
  • It has won numerous awards


  • It does not offer wet pet food


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Taste of the wild

Though Taste of the wild is considered a newcomer in the industry, it has become one of the most prestigious companies that many pet owners trust. This company produces grain-free pet foods for cats and dogs. If your pet has been experiencing intolerance to a particular food, you should consider buying pet food from this company. This is an American brand that has significantly boosted the health of many pets.

One of the things that makes this brand popular is the use of natural ingredients in its pet food. The primary focus of this company is to provide safe pet food. Taste of the wild is dedicated to offering pet food rich in meat proteins that your pets will enjoy. The main types of meats that pet food from this company has includes eggs, fish, beef, and venison.

You don’t have to buy expensive pet food since Taste of the wild has some affordable options. The pet food from this company contains proteins, vegetables, and chelated minerals that enhance absorption. Though Taste of the wild has had one recall, it is still considered a great pet food producer. This company even consults nutritionists before producing wet or dry pet food.


  • It offers affordable pet food
  • Provided pet food that has high meat content
  • Focuses on safety


  • It has had one recall


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When choosing pet food, you should get one from a brand that can give you the most value for your money. Since you have to keep on buying pet food, finding a great brand will not only save you money but also help you fulfill your pets’ dietary needs. Acana and Taste of the wild are both great brands that you can pick from.

Verdict: So, which is better? Acana or Taste of the wild

After comparing these brands, we discovered why both of them receive almost equal attention from pet owners. Taste of the wild is a cost-effective brand, and it offers a balanced diet for pets of different ages. Acana provides more nutritional value and a wide variety of ingredients and flavors. Though they are both competitive brands, we choose Acana as the clear winner since none of its products has even been recalled.


Which of the two companies has more flavors?

Acana has more flavors compared to Taste of the wild.

Should I feed my pet dry or wet food?

Though both types of food are important, wet food is better since it can keep your pet more hydrated.

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