Are French Bulldogs Easy to Potty Train?

One of the tasks you sign up for when you get any type of dog is potty training. Potty training some dog breeds is easy while other dog breeds require a lot more dedication to train. Are French bulldogs easy to potty train? Yes, Frenchies are a smart breed, meaning they could easily grasp your potty training tactics. However, just like other dog breeds, potty training your French bulldog can be a task if you have no system in place.

How to potty train your French bulldog

Create a schedule

This simply means you should take your French bulldog out at assigned times throughout the day. It could be after meals, after drinking water, after they are done playing or when they wake up in the morning. Setting a regular schedule is good for you and the dog because it lets you know what to expect at specific times.

If you own a French bull puppy, you need to take them out to pee more often because they can’t hold in their pee as long as older French bull dogs. Taking them to the same spot every time will make it clear its potty time.

Watch out for signs

If you have been living with your French bulldog for a couple of weeks or months you definitely know the signs when they want to help themselves. Things like staring, loud barking, pacing around in a circle or back and forth in a room are clear signs that the dog needs the toilet.

Take them outside or to their potty training pads

Once you see the clear signs, you should immediately take your French bulldog to their toilet area; whether outside or on their potty pads. If you live in places where there is no outside access for dogs, make sure to create an area inside the house where they can go.

Use a phrase they can learn to identify as potty time

From the first day you start potty training, it is essential to use a phrase that let’s your French bulldog what time it is. Phrases like ‘go potty,’ ‘toilet time’, and ‘go toilet’ should work well to letting them know when it’s potty time.

When you find your French bulldog peeing in wrong places or places they should not, use commands like ‘not here’ or don’t do it here’ to make them stop.

Reward your French bulldog

Once the French bulldog is done with the toilet, make sure to reward them with the treat. The treat acts as positive reinforcement for the good behaviour and it will help yield quicker results.

Items you will need for potty training

Their favourite treat

Treats are great for positive reinforcement. Giving your Frenchie their favourite treat after being successful will help in reinforcing the behaviour much faster.

Pet training pads

Pet training dogs are great for French bulldog puppies. They work well, especially if you live in an apartment and cannot take your puppy outside some times. Pet training pads have their advantages, they are scented which means your house won’t be smelly, they are affordable and you can use them as an area for relief.

A dog leash

If you are pet training your dog outside, you will need a leash. This will help you walk the dog to the proper potty location and it can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Get a puppy crate!

Puppy crates are great for French bulldogs that can’t stop peeing on the floor. They keep the puppy inside at night with a training pad included.

Puppy crates come in different sizes for different sized dogs. Get a puppy crate that allows your French bulldog puppy to move around and stand easily.

The downside of getting a crate for your Frenchie puppy is that they will need some training and it could take you days. Placing the crate in the family room and using soft towels or blankets can make them feel more comfortable.

Final word

It may take long for you to potty train your French bulldog, but you need to be patient. Potty training your Frenchie is just like potty training your naughty kids. All you need to do is teach them the right time and place to use the toilet/bathroom consistently and they will eventually get on track.


How long can French bulldogs hold their pee?

Young and healthy French bulldogs can hold their pee for approximately 8 – 10 hours. Young French bulldog puppies on the other hand can hold their pee for only 2 to 3 hours.

How much does a French bulldog poop?

The number of times your French bulldog poops will depend on a number of factors including age diet and activity. French bulldog puppies may pass 5 or more stools in a day depending on their diet. A diet rich in fibre makes French bulldogs pass more stool.

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