Best Brush for English Bulldog

Dogs love unconditionally, they are the best companions when offered good training and love. Owning a bulldog is even more exhilarating, as they are courageous, bold, patient, protective, and affectionate.

Apart from the good attributes, bulldogs do have a personal life and need the utmost care, ranging from feeding, excising to grooming. Talking about grooming, if you are a new owner of an English bulldog, one of the things that you will be doing is brush its hair a few times a week because regular hair care helps keep the bulldog’s coat shiny and healthy.

So, to help you enhance the overall look of your bulldog, below is a review of some of the best brush for English bulldog that you can invest in.

Comparison table

Bristle Type
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CONAIRPRO dog Pet-It Brushes
50% Synthetic bristles and 50% natural boar
Cats and dogs
Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools
Pinhead bristles
For pets
Hartz Groomer's Detangling Dog Brush
Stainless-steel tips and dense nylon bristles
Can be used on cats and dogs
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
Fine bent wires
Can be used on both cats and dogs
Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush
Rubber brush
For dogs, cats, ferret, kittens, guinea pigs, horses, and rabbits
Coastal Pet - Safari - Dog Combo Brush
Plastic pin and bristle
Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove
Soft silicone tips
Horses, cats, for short, long and curly-haired dogs
Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake
Tang construction
Small to Medium Dogs, and Cats

Best Brush for English bulldog

CONAIRPRO dog Pet-It Brushes

Bulldogs have a soft fine-textured coat, and the skin underneath is soft and loose, meaning that the type of dog brush you use on it must cater to the needs of the skin as well as the hair. Conairpro pet-it brush has bristles that are 50% synthetic and 50% natural boar. The latter is made of keratin and a closer look will reveal the microscopic scales that help absorb the scalp’s natural oils and distributes them over the shaft of the hair. A Process that gives your English bulldog a healthy shine.

The conairpro pet-it-brush is small in size weighs about 0.09 pounds thus not heavy for your palms and will not scare away your dog. The pet brush has additionally incorporated an ergonomic handle that will fit your hands and allow you to easily access and brush the hard-to-reach areas. The bristles are well spaced out making it easy to clean, and the brush has been robustly made to offer long-term service.


  • The brush is comfortable for the dogs
  • The brush is coarse enough to brush the coat without causing discomfort
  • The ergonomic design of the brush allows the user more control
  • The brush can also be used to bath the English bulldog


  • The brush is slippery when wet
  • The crevices on the brush retain mold and encourage bacterial growth


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Bamboo Groom BRISTLE Brush

The bamboo groom bristle brush helps stimulate skin and hair follicles, and the pinhead bristles help detangle dirt and loose hair. The Pinhead bristles also provide comfort during use as it slowly massages the skin. And the bristles are spacious enough, to work on a large surface area when brushing your English bulldog.

The long rubberized grip handle is perfect for extended use as it helps eliminate fatigue and can remain stable on hand when used with water. Andis premium pet grooming brush can also help spread the natural oils thanks to the action of the pinhead bristles that promotes growth and healthy-looking hair.

The dog brush also spots some unique and attractive aesthetics, featuring a classic combination of silver sparkle and a plastic body. Given the spacing on the bristles, the brush is fairly easy to clean.


  • A great durable wire brush
  • Sports an ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Andis is a good de-shedding brush
  • The brush is easy to clean


  • Can only be used on medium and large dogs
  • The brush is not robustly build and breaks easily


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Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush

The combo brush offers a 3 in 1 operation and it will, therefore, detangle coat, get rid of excess fur, and remove mats. One side of the brush has incorporated the stainless steel tips but with a protective coating, this is the side that has been designed to deal with loose hair and detangle coat. The other side is characteristic of dense nylon.

The side with the dense nylon can help with shedding, it will also help redistribute the natural oils thus help achieve a shiny and healthy coat. The incorporated handle is not only rubberized but small-sized to perfectly fit on the palms of your hands. The rubber finish allows for extended use while the slightly extended length allows you to brush even the hard-to-reach areas.


  • The combo head design encourages versatility
  • The rubberized finish makes the brush feel comfortable on the palms
  • The soft bristles help to make the dogs coat shiny
  • The brush sports a robust and sturdy build


  • The incorporated steel pins come out easily
  • Cleaning the brush is difficult


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Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko self-cleaning brush is quite bulky but with good reason, the brush’s head is large enough to cover a wide surface area thus you can work through your bulldog’s fur in a short time. The brush can be used on dogs of all hair types, and will conveniently work through dander and trapped dirt. Besides being made with the fine bent wires, the dog brush will penetrate deep into your dog’s undercoat, and groom it without necessarily scratching the skin under the fur.

Hertzko is among the future-proof dog brushes that have incorporated the retractable bristles and which enables easy cleaning. The brush additionally massages and grooms the dog’s fur, increasing blood circulation thus leaves the pet’s coat soft and shiny. The incorporated handle is ergonomically designed and is equipped with an anti-slip feature, which affords the user a comfortable grip.

The self-cleaning slicker brush can also gets rid of mats on your pet’s fur, without necessarily hurting the dog.


  • The pet brush is easy to clean
  • The bristles are smooth, helps massage the dog’s skin
  • Features a strong and comfortable handle
  • Has incorporated an anti-slip feature


  • The brush falls apart easily
  • The bristles are too sharp for small dogs


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Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

Bodhi dog’s new grooming pet brush can be used on both puppy’s and adult dogs, the rubber tips are harmless and especially gentle on English bulldog’s short hairs. The tips are made of rubber but the handle is made of metal, a sturdy construction that makes the pet brush durable. The professional quality pet brush will, also, get rid of dead skin, dirt, and loose fur.

The soft rubber tips gently massage the dog’s skin and short hairs, ensuring that it restores sheen and luster to the coat. Bodhi dog’s new pet brush can be used for bathing your dog and will increase the effectiveness of shampoo lathering. The bristles when used also tend to massage your dog’s skin, thus bath time will no longer be a task.

Given the size of the bristles, the brush is best for dogs with short hair and other types of pets that have short hair and sensitive skin.


  • The brush holds on to fur, preventing it from flying around
  • The brush can be used on both wet and dry fur
  • Pets love it because it is gentle on their skin
  • Bodhi pet brush enables a deep clean for the English bulldog


  • The strap handle is not sturdily built
  • The brush is only good for the short-haired dogs


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Coastal Pet – Safari – Dog Combo Brush

Coastal pet combo brush has two sides that perform distinct functions. One side has been designed to help get rid of debris and lift out hair, and the bristle side is necessary for smoothing out and distributing natural oils throughout the dog’s coat. The safari combo brush is versatile and can be used on different breeds of dogs and coat types including the English bulldog.

The design of the brush enables for extended use, the handle is long enough to fit on the palms and the rubberized embellishments enhance its beauty while also enabling a comfortable grip. Cleaning the brush is easy, as there are no crevices for dirt to hide. The brush works best when used in the direction of the hair growth so that the flowing strokes can separate hair as needed.

Frequent use will enhance the coat’s natural luster and reduce shedding.


  • The brush is good for both long and short hair breeds
  • The pin side helps loosen up hair and dandruff
  • The brush is of great quality
  • The brush is easy to use and clean


  • The pin end is sharp for some dogs
  • The bristles warp


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Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

The gentle de-shedding brush glove is more of a bonding unit than it is a brush and the best part is that the silicone tips work on the dog’s hair and skin while also offering a gentle massage. For the English bulldog, it is the perfect brush because it allows the owner of the dog to reach all the areas including the folds. When worn on the hands, the glove brush is breathable and light in weight, and retains fur on the bristles.

The brush glove can be used on both wet and dry dog hair. Most importantly is that the five-finger design will effectively groom the hard-to-reach areas. And in case you were wondering about the fit, the gloves are a one size fits all and comes with an adjustable wrist strap, to afford the wearer a comfortable fit.


  • The glove brush encourages bonding
  • The brush is easy to clean
  • Can be used on both cats and dogs
  • Good for both short and long hair


  • The fitting of the gloves is small
  • Takes longer to brush the dog


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Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake

The good thing with the paws pamper undercoat rake is that it discourages the development of mats and tangles. Paws pamper undercoat rake is available in three distinct designs, the 10 blade, 12 blade, and 20 blade. The latter comes recommended for the English bulldog for both grooming and finishing. The construction of the brush has factored in the environment and the wood handle is, therefore, biodegradable and renewable.

The brush helps dogs shed hair fast, and the stainless steel teeth is gentle on the dog’s hair and skin. Important to note is that it should not be used on sensitive areas such as the ears and belly. The brush has been designed to massage through the dog’s skin distributing the natural oils which then leads to a healthy and shiny coat.


  • The undercoat rake brush action works fast
  • The brush sports a sturdy construction
  • A good brush for removing fur
  • The brush is easy to use and clean


  • The blades are not sharp enough thus rips out hair
  • The rake is not good for thick undercoats


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Factors to consider when selecting a dog brush

Brushing your dog is just one aspect of the overall grooming but even at that finding, the right tool will make the process simpler and comfortable for both you and the dog. English bulldog owners should, therefore, ensure to find a brush that is ergonomically designed to naturally fit on their hands. They should consider the bristles, as they should be gentle on the dog’s skin and effectively work through the undercoat. The construction of the brush should allow easy cleaning and minimize the hairs that fall on the ground.

Final Thought

Dog brushes come in varieties, the major consideration is the bristles and their effectiveness. The dog brushes reviewed in this article work gently on dogs, they are easy to clean and use on English bulldog. So, as you find one, ensure that it can comfortably fit your hands and is comfortable for your dog.


How can I lessen shedding on my English bulldog?

Use omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplements in the form of salmon oil.

How often should I brush my English bulldog?

English bulldogs can be brushed daily or a few times during the week.

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