Best Harness for French Bulldog Puppy – A Complete Buying Guide

Despite their menacing appearance, French bulldogs are lovable dogs that seek constant care and attention. They’re known to be very playful and loyal to their family. However, they have a unique body, a flat face, stocky body, and short neck and these distinct features hinder their overall health.

It can be dangerous to use standard collars on this breed of dog since they have narrow windpipes, a soft palate, large tonsils, and small nostrils. They might be too tight around their small necks and can even choke them, and it doesn’t help that French bulldogs are notorious pullers. The best harness for French bulldog puppy should provide restraint and control without interfering with their breathing. French bulldogs are quite different from English bulldogs and their small stature means they need a smaller harness.

Table for best harness for a French bulldog puppy

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Reflective nylon webbing, 2 adjustable buckles, 2 neck-straps, light mesh lining, stainless steel O-ring, and aluminum V-ring
Heavy-duty breathable material, reflective stitching, seatbelt attachment, back and chest leash attachments
Soft and breathable mesh fabric, adjustable back metal clip, cute bowtie, and safe bell
Breathable mesh fabric, elastic safety seatbelt, 2 chest buckles,
Durable and reinforced high-grade nylon material, durable buckle
Nylon webbing, breathable mesh lining, 4 adjustable chest and neck buckles, 2 metal leash rings, a sturdy handle, soft sponge padding
Soft and durable leather with soft suede, rhinestone bling, heavy-duty charmed D-ring

juxzh truelove soft front dog harness

This dog harness is safe, colorful, and durable. You can use it to teach your pup not to pull and the pressure from the harness is well spread throughout your dog’s body. Its made with reflective nylon webbing for better visibility when walking your pup early in the morning or late evening. This harness has 2 adjustable buckles and 2 neck-straps with an aluminum V-ring at the back and a stainless steel O-ring at the chest that are durable and sturdy and keep your dog safe. There’s a comfortable and light mesh lining with soft padding in the chest and belly.


  • Well-padded and supportive
  • Sturdy and durable buckles
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Comes in beautiful colors
  • Easy to put on


  • Sizing is a bit confusing
  • Adjusting the straps can be a bit annoying at first


A well-built, comfortable, and durable harness with adjustable buckles to give you more control of your pup when out walking.

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PoyPet no pull dog harness

This no pull dog harness is lightweight, comfortable, and durable. It comes with 4 buckles with adjustable straps so you can easily slide it on without slipping it over your dog’s head. It has a comfortable, padded handle to help you easily control your dog. There is a large area with reflective stitching for better visibility at night. The material is lightweight with minimum bulk. There are 2 sturdy metal leash attachment buckles at the front and back with reinforced webbing to discourage pulling and for a more relaxed walk. There’s a soft, breathable mesh padding at the chest and back.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Bright color and very reflective
  • Buckles are very sturdy and durable


  • Size can be a bit smaller
  • Takes some time to adjust the straps to the right fit


This no-pull harness is light and comfortable with enough adjustable buckles that will help you find a snug fit for your pup.

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Rypet small dog harness and leash

This is a cute harness for small dogs that is well made. It’s a reliable and durable harness, leash, and collar combination that will help your dog enjoy the walk. Its made with lightweight, soft, comfortable, and breathable mesh material to keep your pup cool. You can easily move the metal clip to narrow or enlarge the chest size. There’s a cute bowtie and safe bell attached at the front to help you easily find your dog.


  • Very cute design
  • The fabric is nice and soft
  • The bell helps you to easily find your dog


  • The harness is only adjustable one way
  • Sizing might be a bit tricky


A cute harness and leash combo that is well made, comfortable, and breathable. It has a tiny bell that alerts you where your pup is at all times.

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SlowTon dog car harness and connector strap

This harness is made with double mesh fabric with a flannelette edge attached to 4 material straps that help to absorb the sweat and keep your dog cool. The elastic safety seat belt is made from a durable nylon strap and is adjustable for the car seat. The harness is comfortable and keeps your dog safe and prevents him from pulling, hopping into the front seat, or jumping out the window while driving. There are 2 buckles on the chest that make it easy to put on and the 4 adjustment buttons make it easy to get the right fit.


  • Very well made
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • The seatbelt is very effective
  • Can adjust the straps for a perfect fit


  • Can be too large and heavy for some small pups


A comfortable and breathable harness with secure seatbelt straps to keep your dog safe in a moving car.

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Pawtitas pet adjustable dog harness

This is a small dog harness for small pups and is designed with high-grade nylon that has been folded over and reinforced to increase its strength and durability. There are 2 adjustable buckles at the sides to ensure you get the right fit. There are 2 sturdy rings at the back that will help you to easily pull your pup to the heel without tugging him and still ensure your pup is comfortable while walking.


  • Keeps your pup safely secure while walking
  • Well constructed quality harness
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Very easy to use


  • The middle strap isn’t adjustable


A very simple harness that is made with strong and durable material. It’s also very easy to use and adjust the straps for a perfect fit.

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Eagloo dog harness

This dig harness is made with nylon webbing and reflective material and a breathable mesh lining with soft padding. There are 2 metal leash rings, the V-ring at the back for taking casual walks and the O-ring on the chest for training your pup to heel. The sturdy handle at the back will allow you to loop the seatbelt through to keep your dog secure while driving. The 2 quick snap buckles and the 4 adjustable buckles make it easy to put on and take off the harness.


  • The padded chest piece is very comfortable
  • Helps to keep your dog safe in the car
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • The fasteners can be a bit difficult to adjust


An affordable harness that doesn’t rub on your dog’s skin with clips that give you better control of your pup when out walking. The 4 adjusters make it easy to find the right fit for your dog.

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Beirui soft suede rhinestone leather dog harness

This beautiful harness is made from suede to give it a soft and lightweight feel and decorates with rhinestone crystals that sparkle in the sun. It comes with a matching 4 feet leash so you can take your pup for daily walks. The leather is soft, flexible, and durable so your dog can easily move without feeling restricted, but still safely in your control. The heavy-duty charmed D-ring at the back of the harness makes it easy to attach the leash.


  • Material is soft and of good quality
  • Easy to put on with an easy to use buckle
  • Very stylish and beautiful
  • the leash is a reasonable length


  • Tricky trying to figure out the front part
  • The bling falls off


A beautiful and stylish harness and leash that is lightweight and soft for maximum comfort.

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Things to consider when choosing the best harness for French bulldog puppy

Different types of harnesses can fit your French bulldog, but you’ll need to analyze the different brands to see which one fits what you’re looking for. There is no standard size for harness sizes for French bulldogs because they’re all different. The males tend to be bigger than the females, some being skinner or stockier, so it’s not one size fits all. However, you should remember a small size is best for a puppy and a medium-size will work best for an adult Frenchie. Makes sure you take the measurements of the neck, chest, and weight to get the correct size.


Puppies tend to chew, so it’s best to go for robust materials to ensure your dog’s harness lasts for a long time. Dogs don’t like feeling uncomfortable or having anything bothering their body, that’s why you should choose a durable and pleasant material that won’t irritate your bulldog’s skin. Mesh harnesses are pleasant to touch and may help keep your furry friend cool and is gently on the skin, but the mesh isn’t durable and your pup will chew through it. Quality harnesses should have strong straps made with nylon webbing that won’t tear easily and will keep your pup safe.

Harness size

For a harness to be effective, it needs to have a good balance between comfortable and snug. If it’s too large, your pup will easily slip out of it and get into mischief, but if it’s too tight it might injure your dog on your daily walks. So you should invest in a harness that has the right fit for your bulldog pup. Because of their short and chubby stature, it can be difficult to get the right size of your french bulldog pup.

You’ll need to first measure the girth or width of your dog’s chest around its ribcage using the widest part of the chest. This is mostly 1 or 2 inches behind the front legs. Also, measure the neck size in inches, then check the weight of your Frenchie. Most harnesses are sold according to the neck size, chest measurement, and weight of your dog.

No neck straps

Neck-straps can be dangerous for french bulldogs and most harnesses include a neck strap to provide extra security. You should avoid these options and go for harnesses with a no-pull design that doesn’t have neck straps and are more focused on the chest. They give you better control of your dog’s weight, so instead of tagging at their necks and choking them, you’ll tag at their chest. It’s safe and more effective, especially when training your pup. Your pup is also able to breathe freely without any strain on the neck.

Adjustable size

The stocky stature of French bulldogs means you’ll need to buy an adjustable harness. You should choose sizes from medium or large with adjustable straps that you can adjust to get that perfect fit that will keep your dog comfortable.


Comfort is very important for French bulldogs. You should ensure that your dog’s airways aren’t obstructed by the harness. If the harness has a lateral strap, it shouldn’t be located near the throat. Most harnesses have soft fabric at the back of the straps so it easily glides over the hair which prevents chaffing around the legs and chest. Padding is also included around the chest area to prevent adding undue pressure or stain on the chest or throat.

Ease of use

A complicated harness with many buckles, straps, and connectors can be difficult to use daily. If your dog gets excited and starts to pull and tug of the harness as you try to put it on, you might need to use more time to attach it to the leash. For dogs who get easily excited, a step-in harness that goes on easily is a better choice.


Reflective features are important on any dog gear and your furry friend needs to be seen any time he’s outside. A harness with bright, vibrant colors will make it more visible and prevent distracted drivers from hitting your dog. Most harnesses have reflective material or stitching that reflects light from headlights or flashlights perfect for night walks.

Types of harnesses

There are various harnesses you can choose from.

Front-clip harness

This has a clip ring at the front of the dog’s chest. Most pet owners avoid this option since the leash is clipped near the legs and may get tangled around your dog’s legs very easily. However, it’s perfect for pullers.

Back-clip harness

Most people clip this harness at the back of the dog and since it’s far from the dog’s neck and throat, there’s no chance of causing any injuries. It also doesn’t interfere with the dog’s legs, but if your dog is a puller, it won’t be fun taking a walk.

Dual harness

This harness has clips on both the front and back so you can attach two leashes at the chest or back for better control or choice between the two positions.

Head halter

This is like a muzzle but it’s used for walking French bulldogs that are strong pullers or impulsive. It has straps across the neck and the snout with a leash attached below the chin. Your dog’s nose will move down and the back towards you so it can’t pull you forward. This halter will give you more control of an aggressive dog and a larger dog than you. However, dogs don’t like head halters and it can irritate the neck, but your Frenchie will not need this halter since they’re laid back and never out of control.

Rehabilitation harness

This harness will help your french bulldog with limited mobility issues because of injury or age. It acts like a sling that you wrap around your dog’s body and you hold the handle to take the weight of your dog. It will help make some of the daily activities more comfortable like walking, using the stairs, or getting into your car easier and less painful for your pup. However, since you’ll be using it frequently, it can rub or irritate your dog’s skin unless it has proper padding.


After some research, you’ll be properly equipped with all the information you’ll need to find the best harness for your French bulldog puppy that is the right fit. The juxzh truelove soft front dog harness is a comfortable harness with adjustable buckles for a perfect fit and breathable mesh padded lining for maximum comfort. It also has reflective fabric to keep your pup safe when walking at night.


Can a puppy sleep with the harness on?

It’s potentially risky for a pup to sleep with a harness on as it can get caught on something or becoming a choking hazard. It’s also very uncomfortable to wear the harness 24/7.

Should a French bulldog wear a collar or a harness?

Its recommended that you walk your bulldog using a harness instead of a collar. This will make sure that your dog doesn’t have breathing problems in the future.

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