Best Lifejacket for French Bulldog

French bulldogs have a wide body shape and narrow paws, characteristics that make it hard for them to easily navigate in water; and that is the reason why they need a life jacket when going into a pond, lake, ocean, or pool.

French bulldogs love human company, they can be watchdogs but if you spoil them with too much attention they easily develop behavioral problems. Frenchie’s do live a dormant life, they love staying indoors, but they also love water. This breed of dogs suffers from brachycephaly (flat head syndrome) that makes it hard for them to swim and that is why they must always be supervised.

So, if you are looking to spice up the life of your bouledogue francąis, by taking it out for a swim, below is a compilation of the best lifejackets for French bulldogs.

Comparison Table

Available Rib cage sizes
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Ruffwear dog jacket
Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron
Xx small, xsmall, small, medium, large and xlarge
Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket
Machine wash gentle cold
Xsmall to Xlarge ribcage girth
SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest
For medium-sized French bulldogs
ZippyPaws - Adventure Life Jacket
Machine wash in a laundry bag
Xxsmall, xsmall, small, medium-large, and Xtra large
Kurgo Surf n' Turf Dog Life Jacket
Not to be dry cleaned or ironed
For medium size dogs
Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest
Hand clean or machine wash in a laundry bag
Xx small to XLarge
Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket
Hand clean
Medium fit

Best Lifejacket for French bulldog

Ruffwear dog jacket

French bulldog love their human handlers, and wouldn’t mind going with you kayaking, surfing, or paddleboarding. And since you can perfectly swim and float in water, we suggest that you get the Ruffwear dog swimming life jacket for your French bulldog. The life jacket comes in various sizes, beginning from xx-small to Xtra large, thus you can always find one that fits your dog.

The fit of the neck closure is adjustable to offer a customized fit. The design of the jacket is secure and easy to clip with buckles that sturdily hold the straps. Another important feature is the durable webbing, the life jacket has been made with water-compatible webbing materials that ensure it retains stability when used in moist environments.

The life jacket has also been fitted with a handle that you can use to support your French bulldog in and out of water. What’s more, is that the closed cell foam panels allow your dog to swim naturally retaining an upright position.


  • Features a strong low profile handle at the back
  • Equipped with an adjustable telescopic neck closure
  • The life jacket is easy to clip and the sheltered buckles keep the straps in place over time
  • Features some tonal reflective accents that enable visibility in low light conditions


  • Does not float heavy dogs
  • The clip is not made of durable material


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Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

Vivaglory dog life jacket is available in over 10 different colors, you can, therefore, get 2 to 3 different colors for a new look every time that you go swimming or kayaking. The life vest features a unique design that enables the dog to move naturally in water. The neck design is comfortable and provides more space for your dog to swim in a natural position.

The heavy-duty life jacket has also incorporated a comfortable fastening system, in the areas around the belly and the neck and which keeps it securely fastened. And when it comes to convenience the life jacket is characteristic of bright colors and reflective trims that enhance visibility when the dog is either in or out of water, or under low light conditions.


  • Fittings are available from xsmall to XL
  • The construction of the life vest has used up to 50% floatation material
  • Features a center weight carry handle
  • The fastening system is made of high-quality material, complete with a quick-release system


  • The neck area has more weight, and the leaning forward design makes it hard for the dogs head to stay upright in water
  • The vest is bulky for some dogs


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SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest

The swimways sea dog life vest, is available in an attractive sea blue color, with black sturdy buckles that enhance its overall look. The vest is made of waterproof material with a fin-like enhancement at the back of the life vest; the fin feature is flexible and the dog owner can grab on it. The vest has also incorporated a handle at the back of the vest that the dog owner can easily use to lift the dogs out of water or into water.

For individuals who have aggressive dogs, they can secure a leash via the metal D-ring. The design of the life vest is pretty simple and easy to strap on your medium size French bulldog. The material used in the construction of the life vest is waterproof, the reason it can keep your dog floating in water. The buckles are also big and comfortable and will not press against your dog and hurt it.


  • The design of the neck allows for a natural gait when swimming in water
  • The material is waterproof thus enables the dog to float in water
  • The life vest can be used with a leash
  • The shark fin design is solid and functional


  • The buckles break easily
  • Can only be used with the short-haired dogs


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ZippyPaws – Adventure Life Jacket

Using the dense foam as the primary material in the manufacture of the Zippy paws, French bulldog owners can be sure that their dogs will not drown, whether swimming in the river, lake, or ocean. Your dog will also remain visible by other boats thanks to the extra bright straps incorporated in the life jacket. The jacket also features handles that will allow you to easily lift the dog in and out of water.

The collar of the vest is well padded at the front and comfortable for the dock thus you can lift your dog without choking it. Dog owners should note that this life jacket has incorporated a Velcro strap and which might not be too comfortable for your dog. So anytime that you want to open it, do it away from them so that they don’t become afraid of putting it on, and then introduce them slowly to the zapping sound.

Zippy paws life jacket is available in six different sizes, meaning that it can fit both big and tiny dogs.


  • The workmanship is sturdy and the quality of the material is good
  • Features a big carry strap
  • Available in both big and small sizes
  • Has a big handle that helps carry the dog in and out of water


  • The xs size is big
  • The life vest is only available in pink


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Kurgo Surf n Turf Dog life jacket

Sporting two traverse handles, the Kurgo Surf n Turf dog life jacket enables quick control and even makes lifting your water-drenched furry friend out of water easy. The handles are also positioned differently and you can grab the dog either from the front or the back. The life vest has incorporated two adjustable points that enable a comfortable and secure fit, the front buckle will additionally secure your vest to the pup allowing it to wander freely in water, with zero chances of drowning.

Kurgo surf n turf life jacket serves two purposes, for one it can be used as a raincoat or a dog jacket. To make it a raincoat, you just need to remove the floatation layer. And even though the red color can be shouting if observed from a far distance, the incorporated visible trims are too low profile thus there is room for improvement. The life jacket can, therefore, be resigned to daytime use because it is not dependable in low light conditions.

On the flip side, dog owners get to benefit from the incorporated accessories, such as the 2 metal d-rings convenient for leash connection, and the bottle connector.


  • Helps train pups to swim
  • The best life jacket for individuals who have aggressive dogs
  • The vest is quite comfortable for the dogs
  • The length of the life jacket is perfect for the French bulldogs


  • The life jacket is not good for the long term
  • The life jacket does not achieve a snug fit


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Paws aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest

On the underside of the paws aboard life jacket you get big sturdy buckles designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable. The overlapping breathable underbelly fabric prevents the buckles from cutting into your dog’s skin, and the low-profile handle is perfect for lifting your dog in and out of water. The durable life jacket is made of breathable neoprene fabrics that dry up quickly, their lightweight ensures that your dog does not drown in water.

The material is additionally flexible to enable a wide range of motion, and the life jacket features some attractive aesthetics on the top that have been made complete with the reflective stripes. The latter makes it easy to locate your dog in low light environments. The collar design is adjustable and when combined with the underbelly velcro mesh, you can be sure of a custom fit.


  • The jacket is long enough for a French bulldog
  • The breathable underbelly mesh enables comfort by quickly draining away water
  • The material is light in weight and flexible to enable floating
  • The life jacket is aesthetically pleasing


  • The vest soaks up water and becomes heavy
  • The life vest is not sturdily built


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Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Outward hound life jacket features a very unique design, on the sides you will notice some type of thick foams that are necessary for keeping the dog on top of water. And on the front, the dog’s head is supported with the foam chip panels thus its head will always be up. And the Multi hand-design makes it especially easy to lift the dog in and out of water.

The incorporated straps are adjustable to afford your French bulldog a customized fit, while the neoprene construction offers much-needed support on the chest and belly.

The life jacket is long enough, it is available in five different colors and can fit both the small pups and the big dogs.


  • The handle is padded thus comfortable to grab and lift the dog
  • The neck collar has been designed to keep the dogs head out of water
  • The life jacket is easy to put on the dog and to remove
  • The workmanship is exceptional as the seams remain intact for long


  • The buckles rarely stay put during use
  • Only good for dogs that are able swimmers


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Factors to consider before buying a life jacket for your French bulldog

  1. The life jacket should enable the dog to float and also allow it to move freely in water.
  2. Get a life jacket that has incorporated a grab handle, which is necessary for rescue missions and can be used to lift the dog in and out of water
  3. Check for reflective accents and the seam construction. Good workmanship should keep the seams steady with continued use.
  4. The neck design should allow the dog to keep its head up and retain comfort when the dog is being lifted out of water.
  5. The life vest should have various adjustment points, to enable a snug fit and ensure that the dog floats in water.

Final Thought

As you purchase a life jacket for your French bulldog, you must know some life jackets can only be used by dogs that are experienced swimmers. And others by dogs that are still learning how to swim. Also, some are available in one size, while others in various sizes; consider the cleaning process of the life jacket and use the best method that will retain the vests functional integrity.


Can I use a life jacket to teach my French bulldog how to swim?

Yes, Frenchie’s develop full confidence in water once they learn that their life vests support them.

Can French bulldogs sink and die in water?

Yes, French bulldogs have massive heads and wide bodies and can drown and die in seconds if not watched.

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