How Old Do Bulldogs Live – How Old Bulldogs Live to Be

How old do bulldogs live? It depends on a number of factors including health, and breed. There are many bulldog breeds but today, we are going to focus on 3 of the popular breeds. American bulldog Just like many other bulldog breeds, the American bulldog has face wrinkles, a short face and other facial similarities. … Read more

Victorian Bulldog vs English Bulldog

Is the Victorian bulldog any different from the English bulldog? Yes. While these two dogs are cousin breeds and share a couple of similar traits, they have many clear differences. The Victorian bulldog needs much more maintenance, is taller than the English bulldog and weighs so much more. So, how does the Victorian bulldog compare … Read more

Are French Bulldogs Good Family Dogs?

Are French bulldogs good family pets? Absolutely, they are loving, playful, and can make a great addition to any home. Frenchies were bred specifically for companionship, which explains why they love being around people. They are small, easy going, and gentle which makes them great with kids. Despite this, there should always be a parent/senior … Read more

How Much Do English Bulldog Puppies Cost

Bulldogs are very expensive to raise throughout their entire lives. Everything about raising an English bulldog is expensive, from the cost it takes to raise them as puppies to the DNA testing for breeding par selection, the artificial insemination, the vaccines, the veterinary and the overall care. How much do English bulldog puppies cost? Due … Read more