Best Bed for English Bulldog

Dogs love to turn their beds into a biting snack, yet they derive more than just comfort and coziness from them. Some dog beds are therapeutic as they eliminate pressure points, boost energy levels, and helps reduce fatigue. Good dog beds are designed to eliminate pressure points on the dog’s joints, they provide the much-needed … Read more

Best Food to Feed French Bulldog

The good thing with rearing French bulldogs is that they don’t require a special diet and can eat human foods. Their daily feed should provide at least 25-30 calories per pound of their overall body weight. Poor nutrition is mostly associated with certain medical conditions for both man and animals, but for the French bulldogs, … Read more

Best Brush for English Bulldog

Dogs love unconditionally, they are the best companions when offered good training and love. Owning a bulldog is even more exhilarating, as they are courageous, bold, patient, protective, and affectionate. Apart from the good attributes, bulldogs do have a personal life and need the utmost care, ranging from feeding, excising to grooming. Talking about grooming, … Read more

10 Best Shampoo for French Bulldog Puppy

French bulldogs are affectionate and adorable four-legged creatures that require constant love and care. These lovable dogs have very sensitive skin and suffer from allergies that can be caused by food and the environment leading to itchiness, rashes, and blisters. Shampoos that contain coconut, oat, and marigold can help with their allergy-prone skin. A french … Read more

Best Harness for French Bulldog Puppy – A Complete Buying Guide

Despite their menacing appearance, French bulldogs are lovable dogs that seek constant care and attention. They’re known to be very playful and loyal to their family. However, they have a unique body, a flat face, stocky body, and short neck and these distinct features hinder their overall health. It can be dangerous to use standard … Read more

9 of the Best Collar for Bulldog

Bulldogs are excellent pets for snuggling and relaxing with on your couch. Despite their name, bulldogs are amiable, loving, snuggly, and wonderful for families with kids. Because of their small stature, wide and thick necks, and the fact that they’re not athletic, they need collars that are large in circumference but not too high. When … Read more