How Much Do English Bulldog Puppies Cost

Bulldogs are very expensive to raise throughout their entire lives. Everything about raising an English bulldog is expensive, from the cost it takes to raise them as puppies to the DNA testing for breeding par selection, the artificial insemination, the vaccines, the veterinary and the overall care.

How much do English bulldog puppies cost? Due to many factors English bulldogs are expensive. They can cost around and estimated $1500 to $4500 dollars. Famous or well known breeders often sell English bulldogs for more, $4,500 – $10,000 dollars or more. That is only the cost of purchase/adoption. To raise the English bulldog puppy, it takes about $500 to $800 for essential items,

Why are English bulldog puppies so expensive?


Over the past decade, the demand for English bulldogs has significantly increased, making them among the most expensive dog breeds. Today, the English bulldog is twice the price of the Labrador retriever.

The location of purchase and/plus shipping fees

If you are planning on getting your English bulldog overseas or from a different region, it will cost you slightly more than getting one from your local region. It costs you even more if you are trying to get the English bulldog from a professional, well known and highly recommended breeder. Overall, the shipping fee tends to be quite expensive.

Their ancestry/Lineage

This is one of the top reasons why English bulldogs are more expensive when compared to other dog breeds. Expensive English bulldogs come from champion bloodline which explains why they cost so much overall. What does champion bloodline mean? It means that the two parent bulldogs joined agility and conformation companions and tagged as the best in these fields. Basically, the parent bulldogs carry traits that make them stand out among other bulldogs of the same breed.

The breeder’s reputation counts

Breeders with highest reputation among others have the most expensive dogs/puppies especially when compared to other local breeders. This means the English bulldog they are advertising is pricy and you will need to pay for consultation to meet them. It also means that they have bred quality English bulldogs that have quality traits and might have even won several competitions.

Diseases and vaccination

English bulldogs without health issues and complications will cost you a lot. This is partly because you will have to pay for health certificates that the breeder acquired when the dog underwent some tests. The tests are necessary but they are quiet expensive at the same time. At the end of the day, they are necessary because they are an assurance you are not bringing home an English bulldog that might have future health complications.

Bulldogs are required to take up to 4 vaccinations including; hepatitis, rabies, canine parvovirus and canine distemper vaccines. They vaccines can be expensive and breeders will charge you for the vaccinations when you get the pup.

Their training

Just like most other dog breed, English bulldogs are trained when they are pups. This means even before you get a dog from the breeder, they have to receive obedience training. This is mostly done by professional dog trainers. When you get an English bulldog, you will most likely be charged for the training.


Female bulldogs are much more expensive when compared to their male counterparts. This is because they have breeding potential. With a female English bulldog, owners are able to generate revenue throughout its lifespan when the bulldog produces health litters.

On the other hand, it can be quite costly to manage a female English bulldog which is why you should go for the male English bulldog if you are trying to save some cash.

Can I get a cheap English bulldog?

Cheaper English bulldog are available. However, they come with many health issues that will cost you a lot in the long run. To be safe, get your English bulldog puppy from a responsible and reputable breeder. If you are thinking about getting an English bulldog from a local pet store you need to reconsider. Most of the time, the pet store owners get their bulldogs from puppy mills and they have no regulation or ethical breeding methods.

Final word

Taking care of the bulldog requires time, energy and money. There is never a time when English bulldogs are not expensive. From when they are puppies to the time they age, there is never a moment where you won’t have to spend money to keep your English bulldog.


Do I need insurance for my English bulldog puppy?

You don’t. However, with so many potential health problems associated with English bulldogs its probably safer to get pet health insurance.

Are Male and Female English bulldog any different?

There is notable difference between the male and female English bulldog in terms of temperament, size, trainability and socializing ability.

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