Taste of the Wild vs. Blue Buffalo – Find Out Which Dog Food You Should Buy

If you enjoy keeping dogs in your home, you should learn how to care for them well. Since proper nutrition is vital, getting the right dog food should be a priority. You can either get dog food from Taste of the wild or blue buffalo.

These are two popular brands that offer different forms of dog food. Unlike other brands, they are both known to provide food containing natural ingredients that are healthy for dogs. Some of the elements you should expect from dog food from either of these companies include fruit, vegetables, and meat. Finding out how these brands differ is essential before you get dog food from either of them. This comparison review can help you learn everything regarding each of them. Enjoy!

What are the differences between the Taste of the wild and blue buffalo?

Taste of the wild
Blue buffalo
Standard and prey
Freedom, wilderness, basics, carnivore, and veterinary diet
Product recalls
Use of antibiotic and hormone-free meat
Lifesource bits
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Taste of the wild vs. blue buffalo- How do they compare?

  • Variety

If you choose to get dog food from Taste of the wild, you should know that the variety here is a bit limited. This company has only two product lines. Blue Buffalo, on the other hand, has up to six product lines. Though both companies can meet your dog’s dietary needs, blue buffalo has a wider range of products compared to the Taste of the wild.

  • Ingredients

Before purchasing dog food, you should also be keen on the ingredients that the brand includes in it. Though both Taste of the wild and Blue buffalo use natural ingredients, you can easily spot some differences between the two brands. For instance, Taste of the wild utilizes hormone and antibiotic-free meats while blue buffalo does not. Dog food from blue buffalo comes with lifesource bits while that from Taste of the wild does not. Despite this, Taste of the wild has a very strict vetting process and gets ingredients from quality sources. In terms of the ingredients, the Taste of the wild is better than blue buffalo.

  • Product recalls

The number of product recalls that a dog food company has can also help you determine if it offers safe food for your pet. While Taste of the wild had only one recall in 2012, blue buffalo has had many products recalls over the years. Such recalls show that the Taste of the wild produces safer dog food than blue buffalo.

Taste of the wild vs. blue buffalo-A comparison overview

Taste of the wild

This family-owned company has been producing quality dog food for more than a decade now. It is known for creating quality dog food that comes at an affordable cost. The company is keen on the suppliers of ingredients it works with and only forms lasting relationships with those that supply safe and quality ingredients.

Taste of the wild consults nutritionists and veterinarians before creating different types of dog foods. Such experts come up with a great dog food recipe that is safe for the carnival. If you buy dog food from this company, you should expect only natural components in it. The company utilizes reverse osmosis to steam dry dog food. This process ensures that the dog food is free of chemicals and microorganisms.

The dog food from Taste of the wild only contains natural preservatives. The formulas used by this company emulate what dogs would consume in the wild. You should therefore expect food such as lean meats that don’t contain antibiotics. Taste of the wild offers dog food that contains digestible energy sources, chelated minerals, and antioxidants.


  • The company uses only natural preservatives
  • It produces hormone-free lean meats
  • Offers dog food for pets at different life stages
  • It does not include any organic and inorganic chemicals in its dog food


  • Limited variety


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Blue buffalo

Since Blue Buffalo was established in 2003, it has been using natural ingredients to make dog food. The main ingredient in dog food from this company is meat. If you buy dog food from Blue Buffalo, you should not expect elements such as corn, soy, or wheat in it. This company, therefore, produces grain-free dog food. The dog food from Blue buffalo does not also contain artificial preservatives or flavors.

Blue buffalo works closely with nutritionists in creating its dog food. This company is unique since it adds lifesource bits to its dog food. These are cold-pressed elements that have a lot of nutrients, such as antioxidants in them. You can get both dry and wet dog food from this company. The problem with this dog food producer is that it does not use hormone-free meat.


  • It provides a wide range of dog food.
  • The dog food from this company contains lifesource bits
  • Focuses primarily on meats such as beef, salmon, and bison
  • The company is keen on quality checks


  • The company has experienced a lot of recalls


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Feeding dogs the right kinds of food can help them grow healthy and strong. These carnivals need not only protein but also calcium, phosphorus, and carbohydrates. If you are looking for dog food that can supply your pet with such ingredients, you can find it from famous companies such as Taste of the wild and blue buffalo. These produce quality dog food that your companion will enjoy.

Verdict: So, which is better? Taste of the wild or blue buffalo

After comparing these two dog food companies, we found out that Taste of the wild has more to offer compared to Blue buffalo. Though Blue Buffalo offers more product lines, its numerous product calls are a significant concern for many buyers. Since Taste of the wild provides safe, high-quality dog foods, we choose it as the clear winner.


What if I don’t know what to feed my dog?

Consulting a veterinarian on a diet that fits your dog is advisable.

What if my dog is on a particular special diet?

Consider Blue buffalo since this company provides specialty options.

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